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François Ghost- Kartell, Mirror

Françoise Ghost  by Kartell Philippe Starck designer in 2005 , measures 65 x 79 cm Mirror with different colors and sizes ( you can find other sizes and colors in our online shop) Mirror with the policarbonate transparent or coloured frame with paste You can fix it horizontal or vertical

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Sparkle Kartell stool- container and low table

Sparkle Kartell stool- container and low table Transparent stool - container deisgned  by Tokujin Yoshioka in 2014, Made by transparent PMMA,  The structure does that the light expands

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Optic Kartell with a door- Kartell optic

Optic Kartell- Low table/cube Optic Kartell The low table or cube by  kartell brand   is made off in transparent PMMA curved with a diamond effect ,for bedrooms , livingrooms , outdoor, w.c and offices , It's a singular piece and you will be happy to have it Do you want it? Came on...  kartell, table, optic

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All Saints, Mirrow led, Kartell

All Saints, Mirrow, Kartell . It's a round mirrow in glas, orange, ambar, pink, green. The mirrow All Saints is a design by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba to Laufen for Kartell .

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Lantern Kartell- Lantern from Kartell lights

Lantern Kartell- Lantern from Kartell lights The lantern light from Kartell was designed by Fabio Novembre, It's a lantern that works with led light, and it's  rechargeable Kartell allways introduce us in a fantasy world, and this time we have a question .... Are we talkin about the typical american sea houses or in a circus big bog ? We like the american sea house, and we preffer in this time , Do you want one in your terrace? An what colour you preffer?

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É- wall lamp, Kartell

Wall lamp É of the brand Kartel, lighting design by Ferruccio Laviani;  Material: bell of polycarbonate, Colors: Crystal, rose, yellow and green, also in Black and white opaque, Functionality: halls, kids room, furniture room, bathroom;  Recommendation: to group three or four for better effect É Kartell lamp

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Easy metalized, pendant lamp- Kartell

Easy pendant lamp - Ferruccio Laviani's design for Kartell  P olycarbonate transparent, Available in diferent colors: grey, green, blue, violet, Orange, red Light : living room, bedrooms, kids place, bath room,  Lighting, Easy lamp, kartell

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Small Fly- Kartell, suspension lamp

Pendants lamp Fly   is a  Ferruccio Laviani's design for Kartell - Colors: transparent, blue marine, blue oil, blue cloud,red, orange, yellow, green sage, bottle green and black and white opaque colors;  lighting, kids rooms, bed rooms, living rooms, bathroom,,- Lamp fly, kartell.

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table stool la bohème

Stool- side table by Philippe Starck for K artell, Made of transparent polycarbonate, Design that simulates amphorae or jars- Functionality: side table, bedside table, furniture room, terrace stool, kids room, decoration objects, Bohème Kartell

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